About Clue VideoTM

Clue Video is an inovative and cost effective advertsing tool which allows your business to tap into the most research-proven, customer converting advertising medium: video ads. We fill the gap between generic online search and personal referral, by placing your business in front of your customers 24/7 with a personal digital introduction.

Unlike traditional advertising, Clue Video Business Directory takes a "find a local business and meet the people behind it" approach, allowing advertisers to build trust and a personal connection with consumers, using the power of video.  Advertisers simply place their Video Ads into the categories that best fit their products & services while consumers shop the Clue Video Business Directory by viewing the various video messages and presentations.

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Thank u so much!!! Well Done

Carmelo, Caffe Roma, Pompano Beach, FL

"GREAT! Many thanks!"


"I love the video! Thanks!"

Mike - Co owner, Diver's Cove

"Wow! You guys are great!"

Azury, Insurance Agent