Aftermath Adjusters Inc.

PO Box 15953, Plantation, FL 33318

Aftermath Adjusters Inc.


PO Box 15953
Plantation, FL 33318

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Company Overview

Owner, Alex Belben was raised around insurance adjusters.  Her first introduction to claims began in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida.  Alex was still a high school student,  working part time for her father and she learned the basics of claims and how the process worked. Since then, Alex has built a solid reputation as one of South Florida's most trusted and professional public insurance adjusters.

In 2005 she began to learn the Appraisal part of the business and has now mastered the art of being an insurance appraiser and/or Umpire. Alex is committed to providing quality service to the community and believes that a reputation as an honest and reliable adjuster is the recipe for success as well as providing consistent, professional service. By being trustworthy, Alex believes she will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community and protects her clients interests in every way possible, with every claim.

Alex Belben, Florida All Lines Public Adjuster License # E136259

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