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Ragamufyn | Harajuku Fashion | Clothes from Recycled Materials


2980 Griffin Road
Dania, FL 33312

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Manufacturer of clothes from recycled materials, T-shirt line. 

Company Overview

Ragamufyn.com | Harajuku Fashion | Clothes from Recycled Materials

Hi, I’m Mufyn of Ragamufyn.  I make a lot of different kinds of clothes, something for everyone really.

I have a T-Shirt line, I also do handmade one-of-a-kind dresses.  Pretty much everything in my line is one of a king, hand made with recycled materials, clothes from recycled materials.

Ragamufyn is Tokyo Rasta Pop.  What that means is it’s like a Harajuku fashion Tokyo.  If you know anything about Tokyo and fashion, you know that Harajuku is the street to go on to find the fashion that you want.

I also throw a little Rasta in there, which is Rastafarian red, gold and green. 

My logo is the lion of Judah and the pop comes from, it's very poppy, bright colors contrasting.

Ragamufyn.com is where you can find the ragamufyn goods, you can also buy them locally in South Florida at the I Love Yoga Studio.

Ragamufyn.com . . . Ragamufyn.com . . . Ragamufyn.com . . . 

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