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2300 SW 34th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

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2300 SW 34th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

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Contract Screen Printers, Embroidery, DTG

Company Overview

Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing | Contract Screen Printers | Emboidery | DTG

Hello, I’m Mitchel Lombard with Atlas Embroidery and Screen Printing.
We are contract screen printers and a one-stop shop for all your embellishment needs including Embroidery, Screen printing and Direct To Garmet (DTG).
We offer free inbound freight from all the major suppliers including San Mar, Alpha Broder, Vantage App, TSF and Virginia Tees.  We then ship discount Frt back to you or your Client blind.
All you pay for is the ink and thread we put on your garments.
Our quality, service and value is second to none.
We do work for some of the largest fortune 50 companies through our distributor network.
Some of work includes Coca Cola, FedEx, UPS, Pilsbury, Ford, Geico and others as well as, being a production partner for Reebok and Adidas doing the work for the Miami Heat.
If these companies are willing to entrust us with their clothing, why wouldn’t you?
We do all our embellishment through BDA, Staples, Geiger, Brown & Bigelow, Proforma and all of the best distributors in the Country.
We invite you to do the same!