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4920 Dixie Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

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ADA Compliance and handicap access for property owners, landlords and companies.

Company Overview

Is your Restroom Handicap Accessible?  

Is your facility pedestrian safe?

Can a Physically Challenged client or a pregnant woman with a baby carriage get through your front door?  

Can an elderly person visually recognize your business and address? Can they physically engage your product and services?

Are you Handicapped, injured or working with an Attorney or Insurance Case Manager?

Are you in a lawsuit?  Do you want to prevent being sued?

Barrier Free Systems is your solution.

We have consulted many clients including: Arby’s, The Orange bowl, Nabisco and Liberty Mutual.

My name is Jonathan Friedman and I have been an expert consultant since the ADA was implemented in 1992.

I’m Don Arpin, Contractor & Professional Engineer.

Barrier Free Systems will bring your facility into ADA Compliance and eliminate your barriers!  Call us today!